Mental Health.

in music the industry.

Mental health is a topic that is important for all people to talk about, not just musicians. However, it is a topic that has been stigmatised and often misunderstood.

The largest known study into mental health and the music industry was carried out by the University of Westminster and MusicTank and commissioned by the charity Help Musicians.

Music Minds Matter found the following:

71.1% said they had experienced depression.
68.5% of respondents believed they had experienced panic attacks and/or high levels of anxiety.


experienced depression


experienced panic attacks and/or high levels of anxiety

The stigma around mental health is gradually lifting in society, but it is still not a topic that many people are comfortable discussing. Musicians are no exception to this, and often feel like they need to keep their personal struggles to themselves for fear of being judged.

But there is a growing number of musicians who have been brave enough to speak out about their own mental health issues. This has been a positive development for the industry as well as society at large, and it could be argued that these musicians have helped break down some of the barriers surrounding mental health.

As more musicians come forward with their own stories, it becomes easier for other people in the industry to find the courage to do the same. This will only lead to more positive change in society at large, so long as we continue this dialogue about mental health and encourage others who may be struggling with these issues themselves.

The statistics above are sourced from a great resource on musician’s mental health from the team at Function Central. Check out the link for more information and support.