pop audio

The Pop Filter.


Who needs another Pop Filter?

At Pop Audio we decided that the time has come to stop settling for poor
quality, hard to use Pop Filters. Especially as they are the first part of
every vocal chain, affecting your sound before it even hits your microphone.
With that our Pop Filter was born. Designed to be extremely simple to use,
offer unsurpassed levels of acoustic transparency and withstand a lifetime
of studio use, our Filter just works, allowing you to focus on the thing you
love most, making great music.

We at Pop Audio feel a responsibility to take an active role in improving our environment. That’s why we’ve decided to exclusively use 100% recycled packaging materials that are FSC certified (learn more at fsc.org)

Strong, flexible,

Inter­changeable Filters

Highly flexible Arm

Rock solid aluminium clamp

Acoustically transparent

Ed Sheeran

Used by professionals: the best microphone requires the best popfilter

What People Are Saying About Us

A wonderfully neat and thoughtful design.

Sound On Sound

I don’t think there is any other pop filter worth considering.

Audio Media International

This pop filter is one of the best products I’ve seen in a long time.

Pro Tools Expert

This has to go on every studio’s gear list. Quite simply the best pop filter we’ve ever seen!


Fantastic quality! A well built, well designed solution.


Upgrade your studio