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to Perfect Vocal Recordings

The Importance of Good
Microphone Technique

Recording vocals is a critical aspect of music production and a good microphone technique can significantly enhance the quality of the final product. Here are some reasons why having a good microphone technique is crucial when recording vocals:

Clarity and definition

Good microphone technique ensures that the vocals are recorded with clarity and definition. This is achieved by positioning the microphone correctly and maintaining a consistent distance from the mouth while recording. Try placing the microphone slightly above the mouth and pointing down towards it. This will produce a less nasal sound and avoid too much proximity effect.There are lots of ‘off-the-shelf’ acoustic treatment products out there, ranging from cheap egg-crate foam through to bespoke tuned panels. The sweet spot is with compressed fibreglass panels. The broadband absorption from this material is the best for keeping things neutral. It’s worth it, trust me!

Reduced noise

Proper microphone technique reduces noise and unwanted sounds that may be captured during recording. Remove any noisy jackets or jewellery that may be picked up by sensitive microphones. This helps to produce a cleaner and more professional-sounding recording.

Improved dynamic range

Good microphone technique allows for a full range of vocal expression, from soft whispers to powerful belting. Try moving forwards and backwards on the mic. This will act to reduce the need for heavy compression and the increased dynamic range results in a more engaging and dynamic performance.

Enhanced tone

A good microphone technique can improve the tonal quality of the recording by reducing proximity effect and controlling plosives. This results in a more natural and balanced sound. Combine this technique with a high quality pop filter to catch any plosives without adversely affecting the tone. The Pop Audio Foam Filter is ideal for this purpose.


Consistent microphone technique ensures that the recording is of a consistent style and quality throughout the entire performance. Try to keep in the same position and sing in the same way each take. This makes it easier to edit/comp takes for the vocals and produces a more polished final product.

In conclusion, having a good microphone technique is essential when recording vocals. It ensures clarity, reduces noise, improves dynamic range, enhances tone and produces a consistent recording. It is well worth taking the time to learn and practice good microphone technique to produce high-quality vocal recordings.

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